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Client Testimonials

Sunshine Test Prep’s private tutoring and admissions consulting clients are some of the most satisfied people that you will meet in Los Angeles. Considering we do not charge for our services unless you are more than satisfied with them, it is critical that we listen to what our clients want – and actually provide it to them! As a result, we have never been asked to make good on our guarantee, and that is the way we intend to keep it. Here is what recent clients had to say about their experiences with us:

I recommend Sunshine Test Prep because my GRE tutor was very friendly when it came to tutoring, while also strict about setting test prep goals and seeing them to completion. He helped me to schedule my time wisely in the weeks leading up to the test and ensured that I stayed on track throughout the entire process. It was easy to see that he really wanted me to do well.

My GRE tutor’s confidence in me that was both uplifting and inspiring, especially when I was frustrated with studying at times.

GRE – John A.

I Recommend Sunshine Test Prep Because:

My admissions consultant, having been through the process himself, understood the steps necessary to properly position oneself for acceptance at an MBA program.  My admissions consultant did not just make corrections or give suggestions – he explained the reasoning behind his decisions and offered a creative approach to the writing process.

Admissions Consulting – Alexander R.

My GRE tutor went above and beyond as far as keeping in touch in between tutoring sessions, coming really prepared and organized, and explaining good strategies that I could not find in a book or traditional class.

My GRE tutor was personable and energetic while also strengthening the areas I needed help with. He had the perfect balance of being encouraging, but also pushing me to work harder when I needed to. I definitely would not have come anywhere near the math score I got without the strategies he taught me.

GRE – Brittani K

My GMAT tutor was a great communicator and teacher. He really knew his stuff.

GMAT – Brian T.

My GMAT tutor had a passion for teaching — which definiately reflected during our sessions.

GMAT – Terrence L.

Highlighted Section of Book

My GMAT tutor was very easy to work with as I felt comfortable from the first session. And I was thrilled with how quickly I was able to understand the material after a simplified explanation from him.  What I liked most about my experience was my GMAT tutor’s impressive preparation that was done prior to every tutoring session as well as the explanations that were provided during our sessions for any material that I found difficult to understand.

GMAT – Dawn B.

The Best Part of My Experience Was:

My GMAT tutor’s personality and personal dedication to the achievement of my goals. I also appreciated the fact that he came to my apartment rather than Starbucks, and even came out to the Valley when I moved.
I recommend private tutoring from Sunshine Test Prep because my GMAT tutor was friendly, yet he demanded excellence. He truly pushed and motivated me to the best of my abilities.

GMAT – Neil S.
My GRE tutor was the only tutor I have ever had who actually cared. Taking standardized tests, and in my case, the GRE’s, can be a daunting and stressful task, however his positive encouragement and “big brother” attitude helped me get through tough times and ultimately reach my test prep goal.  My tutor was able to solve pretty much any test problem in less than 30 seconds! Also, he was open to meet at any time and place.
GRE – Brian T.

My GMAT tutor knew exactly what I needed to do and had an immediate plan of attack.

GMAT – Erik H.

My GMAT tutor was direct and to the point, and pushed me hard to get the score I wanted.

GMAT – Kendall G.


My GMAT tutor’s approach and style of tutoring was very effective. What made him a great tutor was not just his ability to show me how to get the right answer but how to get it in the most efficient way.

What I liked most about my experience was my GMAT tutor’s periodic emails and phone calls, which made me feel like he really cared. I believe that doing well on this exam has to do with believing that you can, and having someone to motivate you is a great thing.

GMAT – Izack N.